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These Female Founders Have A Tech Solution To Americans' Health

Insurance Woes

  Interesting to note the women are breaking through the glass ceiling by creating their own companies. Here’s an article about one of them. The Story Exchange We are a nonprofit media organization focused on female entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneur Christine Carrillo found inspiration for her multi- million-dollar venture over dinner. It all began at a 2014 dinner party, when a friend complained mid-meal to Carrillo and her partner in a healthcare consultancy, Helen Lee, that his health insurance plan did not cover his daughter’s medication. The women offered to take a look at his policy. But what they thought would be a quick favor soon turned into a labor of love. Wading through the complexities of his plan, Carrillo found herself thinking, “Holy cow, this guy is being completely taken advantage of.” His plan was missing key elements like coverage for doctor visits and prescriptions. Less than 2 weeks later, the pair had found a much better plan for their friend -- one that saved him $9,000 in one year, she says. Click here to read the full article courtesy of Forbes.com

After Months In Limbo For Children's Health Insurance, Huge Relief

Over Deal

It seems harch that the U.S. government would let the CHIPs program lapse. Here’s an article explaining the latest developments. Marbell Castillo held her granddaughter, Maia Powell, as she was being examined by nurse practitioner Molly Lalonde at Burke Pediatrics in Burke, Va., in October 2017. Maia is insured through Virginia's Children's Health Insurance Program. When parts of the federal government ground to halt this past weekend, Linda Nablo, who oversees the Children's Health Insurance Program in Virginia, had two letters drafted and ready to go out to the families of 68,000 children insured through the program, depending on what happened. One said the federal government had failed to extend CHIP after funding expired in September and the stopgap funding had run out. The program would be shutting down and families would lose their insurance. The other letter said they didn't need to worry anymore because federal funding had finally come through and the program's future was assured. Since Monday's deal to end the shutdown included a six-year reauthorization of CHIP, enrolled families in Virginia will get that second letter. The program will go on and no children will lose their health insurance. Taking Stock Of Costs After months of uncertainty, Nablo said she's relieved. "Hugely relieved. It's over and the program is safe, and we can all go back to our normal jobs," she laughed. Preparations to shut down the program in Virginia down began over the summer, even before funding expired. Staff spent untold hours getting ready to end the program, retooling enrollment systems, changing contracts and more. "Those aren't huge dollar amounts," Nablo said. "I think the cost more is in the worry from parents." Click here to read the full article courtesy of NPR.org 

Dollars and Pets: Figuring out how much pet insurance will pay

Veterinary costs are on ther rise, and so is the need for pet health insurance. Here’s some info on what insurance will pay when you have a sick pet. Pet insurance is a growing business as pet owners look for ways to keep their pets healthy and not break the bank. In the first of our two-part series on pet insurance, we discussed a general overview of pet insurance terms, what to expect and what not to expect from available policies. Now let’s get down to actual costs, as well as examples of two common incidents that would require emergency pet care. New Pet Pal LogoThe financial data site, ValuePenguin, found that the average for a monthly insurance premium for a dog was $42.45 in 2016 based on a $500 deductible, $5,000 annual maximum payout at an 80 percent reimbursement level for a healthy 4-year-old neutered, male Labrador retriever. In this same study, it determined a cat’s average monthly premium was $20.99 based on a $500 deductible, $5,000 annual maximum and 80 percent reimbursement level for a healthy 4-year-old female. As mentioned in our last column, prices vary widely depending on an animal’s age, breed, weight, gender, location and level of coverage chosen. And, as you can see, the cost of insuring cats is considerably less than dogs. We have chosen typical emergency medical issues for both cats and dogs to see how much you can expect insurance to cover and break it down. Owners are responsible for covering veterinarian costs upfront then submit an invoice to their insurance company to be reimbursed. Pet news, photos and more delivered to your inbox. Sign up now for the Pet Pal Connection newsletter! Keep in mind that the specific veterinarian you choose to perform the surgery has an impact on cost. Surgery at an emergency room, specialty, or referral veterinarian will be more expensive than at your regular veterinarian’s office, similar to how seeing a specialist doctor is more expensive than seeing your family physician. One of the most common emergency surgical procedures for pets is the removal of a foreign object. As an example, our case study is a 5-year-old male Labrador retriever that swallowed a sock and needs surgery to remove it. He is covered under an insurance plan that has a $250 annual deductible, 80 percent reimbursement rate and no coverage cap. The average cost of surgery for a foreign body ingestion is $1,755. Please remember that while this cost can vary widely,  this is the estimate we are using for this purpose of illustration. Click here to read the full article courtesy of MercuryNews.com  © Copyright RateQuotesNow.com About Us   |   Privacy Policy   |   Terms Of Use   |   Contact   |   Site Map
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How To Get The Cheapest Renters


Renters insurance protects your personal property such as your furniture, clothing, electronics, kitchen utensils, DVDs, CDs, sports equipment, tools, and appliances against theft and damage. It will also pay your living expenses if your home or apartment becomes uninhabitable do to fire, water damage, or other disasters. It also covers you in the event someone injures themselves while visiting you and decides to sue you. If you're in the market for cheap renters insurance, here's the quickest and easiest way to get it: Insurance Comparison Websites First off, you need to go to an insurance comparison website. These websites will give you quotes from a number of insurance companies in a matter of minutes, all in the comfort and privacy of your home. The types of quotes you get will be from top-rated companies, including many of the smaller companies you may never have heard of. But don't let that throw you off. These smaller companies have the best rates simply because they don't spend millions of dollars on advertising like the big companies do, and they pass those savings on to you. When you arrive at a comparison site you'll be asked to enter your personal information, such as your name and address on an online questionnaire, and choose the amount of insurance coverage you need. You can also enter the discounts you're eligible for. Some of those discounts include the following: Deductible Discount You can save up to 12% on your insurance coverage by simply raising your deductible (the amount you have to pay toward a claim before your insurer will pay) from $250 to $500. Raise it to $1,000 and you'll save up to 24%. Safety And Security Discounts If you have safety and security devices installed on your property, such as smoke detectors, burglar alarms, dead bolt locks, and a fire extinguisher, you can get a 10% to 15% discount on your premiums. Non Smokers Discount If no one in your home or apartment smokes, you can get a 5% to 10% discount on your insurance premiums.  Senior Discount If you're retired and are 55 years old or older, you can save up to 10% by requesting a senior discount. Credit Rating Discount Many insurance companies are now using your credit score to rate your policy. If you have a good credit rating you can get a reduction on your premiums. If you don't have a good credit score shop around for a provider that doesn't use credit scores to rate your policy. Policy Consolidation Discount If you buy your renters insurance policy and your auto insurance policy through the same company you can get up to 15% off your insurance premium. Ask About Other Discounts The insurance provider you choose may offer other discounts, so be sure and ask your agent about all the discounts they offer. Bottom Line In order to get the cheapest renters insurance policy you need to compare quotes from a number of insurance companies and get all the discounts that are available to you. Doing this at an insurance comparison site is by far the quickest and easiest way to get the cheapest renters insurance. Click this link to compare cheap renters insurance from top-rated companies © Copyright RateQuotesNow.com About Us   |   Privacy Policy   |   Terms Of Use   |   Contact   |   Site Map
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